Happy Mother’s Day I Think

  Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms. We have raised our children or in the process of doing so. Raised husbands (side eye) or in the process of doing so. We sit through boring games, musicals, plays and concerts then applaud with proudness. We wipe noses and butts. We argue and fight with our kids and spouses to be the best they can be. We wash dishes, drop the dog off at the groomers, repair the garage door, paint the upstairs hallway, clean the hamster cage and picked up the custumes for the church play. We wash all the covers on all the beds, sweep, mop, dust, clean under everything, washed the car and vac. We found the finger nail clippers, baked those cupcakes for your party at school, made that dish for your office party and ironed your favorite shirt. Should I continue? We are that awesome. We do it all because we love you. Not necessarily because we like too, that’s a big misconception, but because we love you. Most time without some much as a thank you or am I love you. 

     Thank you for honoring us on this special day. We truely appreciate it. Now start saving today for next years gift and do it really super big for us.

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