I am a married mother of 3 awesome children. My husband is a very supportive man who provides for us. I spend my time carrying for our kids, swimming, crocheting, reading, and whatever else randomness Bipolar 1 people do. I’m also a tech nerd. Oh, and I love arts and crafts, DIY projects, and HGTV.

I have a few degrees in various things. I also have several certifications from medical transcriptionist, hair braiding, to teaching swimming just to name a few.

Let’s cover pets. I have 2 dogs, a teddy bear hamster and fish. I’ve had pet crabs, rats, guinea pigs, mice…ummmm I’m sure I forgot something.

I’ve also finally found a way to lose weight despite being told I would need stomach surgery.  A few doctors told me I should share my weight loss journey to help others.

All that led me here, where people across social media have asked me to make a place where they can follow me and all the weird things I do. Where I will post all most everything from update phones I like, hair products, weight loss stuff, my favorite gadget, my dream whatever, you name it. Whatever I come across, I’ll share here. So let’s have some fun.

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