Introducing…The Uber/Lyft Chronicles Series

This was highly requested by roughly 2000 plus riders. Snapchat just isn’t long enough sometimes and well Instagram is a bit time consuming while driving.  There are fun times, dangerous times, slow times, crazy times… They will unfold here. Mostly raw and uncut. So welcome and enjoy the first sneek peek video from last nightContinue reading “Introducing…The Uber/Lyft Chronicles Series”

Are They Not Taking Me Seriously Because I Have Bipolar 1?

Since April 5, 2016, I’ve been in pain. Some days at level 1 others at level 10. I have gone through test after test. Endured a few rounds of physical therapy and still not getting answers. My test results have shown multiple issues in my back and arm where the bulk of my pain is.Continue reading “Are They Not Taking Me Seriously Because I Have Bipolar 1?”