I Can Feel My Elbow Again 

Home safely from surgery. More pain than I expected but I can feel my elbow already. It will take longer than usual to edit videos and work on my site, but I’m going to do better. 


Introducing…The Uber/Lyft Chronicles Series

This was highly requested by roughly 2000 plus riders. Snapchat just isn’t long enough sometimes and well Instagram is a bit time consuming while driving.  There are fun times, dangerous times, slow times, crazy times… They will unfold here. Mostly raw and uncut. So welcome and enjoy the first sneek peek video from last night here. (Length of videos will be based on rider participation).

Love you all. 

Are They Not Taking Me Seriously Because I Have Bipolar 1?

Since April 5, 2016, I’ve been in pain. Some days at level 1 others at level 10. I have gone through test after test. Endured a few rounds of physical therapy and still not getting answers. My test results have shown multiple issues in my back and arm where the bulk of my pain is. The doctors only say basically, by the book they studied from, it shouldn’t be hurting as bad as I say. 
Well, let me tell you that the book is not shit when it comes to a real life person. Do you not have the common sense to see that! I am not over exaggerating. My tears are real and my pain is definitely not imagined. My MRIs have shown things from herniated disks too indications that a bone in my wrist look to have been broken but healed incorrectly on its own. 

All this from not being properly checked after the wreck. Here we are 10 months from the wreck and they still on bull crap. 

I am beginning to wonder if my friend was right. They may not be taking it seriously because I have Bipolar disorder and think I’m overly exaggerating. I’ve never went to the doctor and complained and nothing be wrong. I don’t exactly like going to the doctor or taking medicine. I have test results that back every complaint. 

I haven’t worked in months. My husband is trying his best to keep things afloat. The only thing I had left to do was teach swimming because I was already limited from multiple knee and hernia surgeries. Keep in my mind one of them is damaged, causing me to limp more from the accident. Our savings are running thin. We have 2 college students and a senior in high school. All 3 are trying to help but they need to focus on studies and paying for their day to day. I mean they can only work part time. I hope they will fix what is wrong, I can heal and help my husband before we lose everything we own. It’s rolling around to spring and I may not be able to teach swim or coach another summer.