Mobile Phone Tips

So those that know me, know I prefer the Samsung Note line over any mobile device. Since the Note 5 sucked, I grabbed a iPhone 6s Plus to replace my iPhone 4s. I am a big tech nerd. I like tearing computers down and rebuilding them. I like dissecting mobile devices and putting them back together. All that stuff. Anyway, I know a lot about devices that I like. I’ve found that a lot people have devices but don’t really know what all they can do. So from now on, I’m going to share tips that I think are helpful from sources around the web. 

Happy Mother’s Day I Think

  Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms. We have raised our children or in the process of doing so. Raised husbands (side eye) or in the process of doing so. We sit through boring games, musicals, plays and concerts then applaud with proudness. We wipe noses and butts. We argue and fight with our kids and spouses to be the best they can be. We wash dishes, drop the dog off at the groomers, repair the garage door, paint the upstairs hallway, clean the hamster cage and picked up the custumes for the church play. We wash all the covers on all the beds, sweep, mop, dust, clean under everything, washed the car and vac. We found the finger nail clippers, baked those cupcakes for your party at school, made that dish for your office party and ironed your favorite shirt. Should I continue? We are that awesome. We do it all because we love you. Not necessarily because we like too, that’s a big misconception, but because we love you. Most time without some much as a thank you or am I love you. 

     Thank you for honoring us on this special day. We truely appreciate it. Now start saving today for next years gift and do it really super big for us.

The Car Wreck

     August 5, 2016, I was in a car wreck I thought was minor nothing severe. I was rear-ended by someone going 45-50 mph, sitting still waiting to make a left turn. I was knocked unconscious for a few seconds I think, not quite sure and blacked out again for a few seconds. I was carried to the hospital by ambulance, of course, tons of test ran and so on.
     The last twenty six days have been tedious. I have been in physical therapy for my wrist, shoulder, knee and back. Being that I am a coach, I’m really concerned about my arm. I can’t demonstrate proper technique and my back has me worried. I’ve never had any back problems ever. 
     The pain is crazy stupid in my back. I have a feeling in my face like my eyeballs are going to fly across the room and stick to the wall. My ears feel like someone has a plunger trying to suck them out. Just when I think I may be better it feels like someone ball their fist up and punch right between my upper shoulder blades and said “bitch sit down”. 
     Anyway, getting on, I’ve been stressing eating these 26 days and gaining weight. I’ve been dieting, trying to lose 160 pounds the last 3 years. I haven’ been being as consistent as a know I could have. I let my four knee surgeries and 2 hernia surgeries be some of my excuses as it hurts when working out. I’m down the first 59 lbs in the 3 year period though. Moving on. This whole wreck situation has made me have to see doctor after doctor. Yesterday, I was told if I didn’t get the rest of the weight off ASAP I’m going to die because I’m at level 3A kidney disease/failure something. 
    The wreck that I thought was beginning to think was destroying me because of my back issues looks to have turned out to be saving my life. 

It’s Monday

Today is one of those days when I just want to quit everything.  I just want to go home climb up on my lounger, pull a blanket over my head and stay there. I have no strength, no energy, and no will power. My mind is telling me stuff,  like to workout,  eat right, take your medicine, you don’t need your medicine.  Just too much all at once. I’m almost biting a hole in my lip, trying not to just walk around and randomly scream out loud.  Having Bipolar 1 is so frustrating.  I don’t have anyone to talk to that understands.  I’m really hoping by writing this blog, keeping my hands busy, will stop me from punching and breaking another door in.


I started another gym membership today so I can start back swimming and training. It has been the only outlet to relieve my anxiety and aggression. Now the problem is, I don’t want to be around anyone. I don’t want to answer any questions about anything.  People want advice about the hair natural hair care I am so good at and weight loss advice on how I lost weight so fast. I’m normally so sharing and ready to tell them, but right now it’s so hard.  My brain just won’t act right. Like I literally wouldn’t know what I just said if I wasn’t typing. I smile and tell them what little I can think of but let them know I have to hurry home to a waiting child or whoever. When I get to my vehicle, I pull out my tablet and scribble down the person’s name so I can remember to address their questions later. It’s just …. I don’t know.

I’m Back

Hi guys! It has been some years. Around 5 or 7 since I blogged. My friends and old fans feel like I’m always doing and saying something so…..they ask me to start back blogging so they can keep up with me! My topics change with the wind, by the minute. It can be from relationship stuff to a television show. I will even share weight loss advice that works for me, product reviews, natural hair care tips, just whatever.  Always feel free to leave a comment, share your experiences and opinions.

Please remember to be nice and respectful. Don’t degrade each other. Thanks