Saying Good Bye 

I had to say good bye to my baby. She’s been good too me. Her steal band underneath saved my life. It has been 8 weeks and I’m still suffering from severe whiplash and cervical disks bulged. I received injection in my shoulder (As a swimmer, swim coach and swim teacher shoulder injury are a big deal. They mess up entire careers.) so I can use it. I have a knot still on my head where I was knocked unconscious but it has gotten smaller. My wrist is steal swelling and hand is swollen until it feels like the skin is pulled tight when I make a fist. All in all, I’m blessed because it could have been much worse. A lot of people are worse off. Im getting better everyday. I’m just ready to return to coaching swim, teaching swim lessons, helping people lose weight and working out. ​Hopefully, the doctors are right and in 3 more months, I will be back to my regular routine.