Happy Mother’s Day I Think

  Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms. We have raised our children or in the process of doing so. Raised husbands (side eye) or in the process of doing so. We sit through boring games, musicals, plays and concerts then applaud with proudness. We wipe noses and butts. We argue andContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day I Think”

New Death Sentence Is Making Me Want To Workout

Some yoga socks and gloves, my yoga mat with my Kettlebell for a light workout. Haven’t been able to do much since my car wreck so not sure I will be able to use the Kettlebell. My husband sat it here. I’m just getting ready to get started, we will see if I can workContinue reading “New Death Sentence Is Making Me Want To Workout”

It’s Monday

Today is one of those days when I just want to quit everything.  I just want to go home climb up on my lounger, pull a blanket over my head and stay there. I have no strength, no energy, and no will power. My mind is telling me stuff,  like to workout,  eat right, takeContinue reading “It’s Monday”