The Car Wreck

     August 5, 2016, I was in a car wreck I thought was minor nothing severe. I was rear-ended by someone going 45-50 mph, sitting still waiting to make a left turn. I was knocked unconscious for a few seconds I think, not quite sure and blacked out again for a few seconds. I was carried to the hospital by ambulance, of course, tons of test ran and so on.
     The last twenty six days have been tedious. I have been in physical therapy for my wrist, shoulder, knee and back. Being that I am a coach, I’m really concerned about my arm. I can’t demonstrate proper technique and my back has me worried. I’ve never had any back problems ever. 
     The pain is crazy stupid in my back. I have a feeling in my face like my eyeballs are going to fly across the room and stick to the wall. My ears feel like someone has a plunger trying to suck them out. Just when I think I may be better it feels like someone ball their fist up and punch right between my upper shoulder blades and said “bitch sit down”. 
     Anyway, getting on, I’ve been stressing eating these 26 days and gaining weight. I’ve been dieting, trying to lose 160 pounds the last 3 years. I haven’ been being as consistent as a know I could have. I let my four knee surgeries and 2 hernia surgeries be some of my excuses as it hurts when working out. I’m down the first 59 lbs in the 3 year period though. Moving on. This whole wreck situation has made me have to see doctor after doctor. Yesterday, I was told if I didn’t get the rest of the weight off ASAP I’m going to die because I’m at level 3A kidney disease/failure something. 
    The wreck that I thought was beginning to think was destroying me because of my back issues looks to have turned out to be saving my life. 

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